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Refer a friend and earn more points 介绍朋友可获取更多分数:

When your referred downlines accumulate Seeds points, your account also gets 20% of the points
  • vSeedling Project (Referral Plan) only allows one account for each referrer. Once you have registered an account, you cannot register any referee after that.
  • The referrer of the vSeedling Project (Referral Plan) must have 10000 points before he can obtain 20% of his downlines’ points.
  • When a downline attains the rank of 3.0Growth, the referrer will cease to obtain 20% of the former’s Seeds points.


  • 介绍者只能有一位。已注册的帐号不能再输入介绍者。
  • 介绍者自己必须先拥有10000分,才可开始获取下线的20%种子分数。
  • 当下线的等级升至3.0Growth,介绍者将停止获取20%种子分数。


Ranking - Experience PT  级别 - 经验分:


Point Subsidy by Tombo Enterprise: 

Collect Points:

Everytime you make a purchase you will acquire points. Points acquired for each products as below:



Redemption Points: