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  1. Seeds points shall effectively start on 01/07/2018, and there is no valid period as yet. You will be notified if such a period takes place.
  2. All Seeds points and offers are not redeemable for cash.
  3. If the recipient of an offer chooses to waive the right to receive it, he will lose all and any rights to the offer, in which case Tombo Enterprise shall have the right to deal with the offer at its complete discretion.
  4. The point records in the online system shall prevail. Those who do not comply with the terms and conditions herein will not be entertained. 
  5. Members may call our customer service to report lost points. The company will try its best to assist the members, but the ultimate responsibility will be borne by the latter.
  6. All delivered items are non-returnable.
  7. The Company reserves the right to delete, replace, supplement or modify the Terms and Conditions herein at any time without prior notice. In case of a dispute, the company reserves the right to final decision.
  8. Seeds points for TXL (Tian Xian Liquid) was launched by Tombo Enterprise in Malaysia. It is only available in Malaysia.
  9. This vSeedling Project (Referral Plan) allows one account for each referrer. Once you have registered an account, you cannot register any referee after that.
  10. The referrer of the vSeedling Project (referral) must have 10000 points before he can obtain 20% of his downlines’ points.
  11. When a downline attains the rank of 3.0Growth, the referrer will cease to obtain 20% of the former’s Seeds points.
  1. 种子分数有效期为 01/07/2018开始。暂无期限,若有将另行通知。
  2. 种子分数/ 优惠不得兑换现金。
  3. 若分数优惠领取者选择放弃领取权,他将失去有关优惠的所有及任何权利,有关优惠由东保企业有限公司以绝对权利依程序处理。
  4. 所有积分记录,必须以网上系统记录为核。不符条规者不受理。
  5. 若积分码遗失,会员可致电客服,本公司将尽力协助会员,但最终责任一概由会员承担。
  6. 货物一旦出送,不可退货。
  7. 本公司保留权利可随时删除、取代、增补或修改本条款及细则,而毋须事前通知。如有任何争议,本公司将保留最终决定权。
  8. TXL(天仙液)种子分数由东保企业有限公司在全马推出。只限马来西亚国内进行。
  9. 种子延伸计划(转介绍)只应许一位介绍者。已注册的帐号不能再输入介绍者。
  10. 种子延伸计划(转介绍)的介绍者必须自己先拥有10000分,才可开始获取下线的20%种子分数。
  11. 当下线的等级升至3.0Growth,介绍者将停止获取20%种子分数。